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Brick Yard Road Park

Brick Yard Road Park

Visit Brick Yard Road Park in the delightful Washington community of Bothell, a destination for pickleball players! A single outdoor hard court at Brick Yards Road Park is where the pickleball action takes place. Even though there is only one court, the atmosphere is lively, with players polishing their talents and savoring the thrill of […]

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Conifer View Park

Conifer View Park

Conifer View Park is one of the most popular pickleball sites in Bothell, Washington. This park, located in the heart of this lovely city Bothell, Washington, provides an amazing pickleball experience on its dedicated outdoor concrete court. Conifer View Park’s pickleball court, complete with permanent net and lines, is the focal point of the activity.

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Northshore YMCA

Northshore YMCA Pickleballus

The Northshore YMCA stands as a beloved hub for pickleball enthusiasts in Bothell, Washington, drawing players from all corners with its three well-maintained indoor wood courts. These courts, adorned with permanent lines meticulously painted for precision play, offer a reliable space for the rapidly growing pickleball community. Portable nets, thoughtfully provided by the YMCA. Ensure

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