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Appleton Alliance Church

Appleton Alliance Church

At Appleton Alliance Church in Appleton, WI, pickleball enthusiasts are invited to come and enjoy the sport. The facility offers one indoor wood court, providing a comfortable and controlled environment for games. The Pickleball court at Appleton Alliance Church features permanent lines, ensuring consistent boundaries for accurate play. This allows players to focus on their […]

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Einstein Park

Play Pickleball at Einstein Park

Begin your pickleball adventure at Einstein Park in Appleton, Wisconsin, a charming venue that invites aficionados to revel in the excitement of the sport while surrounded by natural beauty. Einstein Park’s two dedicated outdoor courts provide the ideal venue for players to engage in exciting matches while taking in the refreshing ambiance. The tennis court’s

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Linwood Park

Linwood Park

Linwood Park, a popular recreation location, has just installed fantastic pickleball courts, bringing the area to a whole new level of excitement and activity. Because they are tucked away in the gorgeous settings of the park, Linwood pickleball courts are the ideal location for players of all ages and skill levels to partake in this

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Summit Park

Play Pickleball at Summit Park

Summit Park is a well-liked hangout for pickleball players in Appleton, WI, providing a lovely outdoor environment for them to enjoy their favorite sport.  Although these courts offer a different playing experience due to the lines being overlay on tennis courts, players will notice that the nets are a little bit taller than regular pickleball

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