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Albany Tennis Club

Albany Tennis Club

Albany Tennis Club, located in Albany, OR, offers a fantastic pickleball experience for enthusiasts. With a total of 8 hard courts available, divided equally between indoor and outdoor settings. The club provides a versatile and dynamic environment for players to enjoy the sport. Of the 8 pickleball courts, 4 are situated indoors, providing shelter from […]

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AlbanyLBCC Pickleball Courts

Albany/LBCC Pickleball Courts

The Albany/LBCC Pickleball Courts, located in Albany, Oregon, is a great choice for pickleball players looking for a wonderful outdoor playing environment. Players of all skill levels can play in this magnificent facility, which has a comfortable setup and an amazing selection of amenities. The Albany/LBCC Pickleball Courts provide a generous amount of room for

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Burkhart Park

Nestled in the heart of Albany, Oregon, Burkhart Park emerges as a beloved haven for pickleball enthusiasts, drawing players from all corners of the city to partake in this thrilling paddle sport. Revered as a premier destination for pickleball, the park offers a singular outdoor court that echoes with the laughter and excitement of players

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Eleanor Hackleman Park

Eleanor Hackleman Park

Eleanor Hackleman Park, located in the bustling city of Albany, Oregon, is a premier pickleball destination. This park offers a top-tier pickleball experience to players of all skill levels, with four perfectly kept outdoor hard courts. Eleanor Hackleman Park provides a friendly and dynamic location for pickleball aficionados, with dedicated courts offering permanent lines and

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Hackleman Pickleball Courts

Hackleman Pickleball Courts

Welcome to the exciting world of pickleball at Hackleman Pickleball Courts in Albany, Oregon, a popular location for pickleball players seeking the perfect combination of competitiveness and companionship. With four outdoor asphalt courts, this facility has become a gathering place for pickleball enthusiasts of all ability levels. Distinguished by their devotion to the sport, the

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